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AB Hockey Alumni

Acton-Boxboro Hockey Alumni

NHL Drafted AB Alumni

Tom Barrasso
Class of 83;
#5 pick by Buffalo Sabers
Allen Bourbeau
Class of '83; Harvard; 88 Olympic Team
All time Mass High School scoring record
4th round pick Philadelpha Flyers

Bob Brooke
Class of '79; Yale University; 84 Olympic team
NY Rangers, Minnesota North Stars, NJ Devils
Kevin Houle
Class of '82; Boston College;
5th round draft pick by Montreal
Mike Flanagan
Class of '83; Providence College
3rd draft pick by Edmonton Oilers
Paul Flanagan
2 years at Acton-Boxboro; Northeastern University
7th round draft pick by Buffalo Sabers
Bob Sweeney
Class of '82, Boston College
Drafted by Boston Bruins
College Player AB Alumni
Jeff Ballou
Class of 92; Florida State
Deron Barton
Class of '80; Northern Michigan and Merrimack College

Jim Bernhard
Class of 97; Assumption
Doug Bradley
Class of 74; Dartmouth College, McGil University
Wayne Caldwell
Class of 73; Canadian Juniors (Bruins and Montreal Organization)

Pat Casey
Class of 76; Bates College; Maine Nordiques Farm Team

Dave Centauro
Class of 75; Curry College & Fitchburg State
Claude Cormier
Class of '86; Oswego State

Scott Corwin
Class of 76 (2 years AB); Bowdoin College, Sweden & Atlantic Coast League
Kerry Daigl
Class of 74; Assumption College
John Davis
Class of '80; Merrimack College

Mark Flanagan
Class of 90; Bentley

Marc Foland
Class of '83; RPI; Past AB Boys Varsity Assistant Coach

Dan Fontas
Class of 98 (first 2 years at AB); UMass Lowell; Indianapolis Ice; past AB Boys Varsity Coach
Mark Fontas
Class of 95; UMass Lowell & UMass Boston; Past AB Boys Varsity Assistant coach

Brian Fontas
Class of 94; UMass Boston; AB Girls Varsity Coach 03 - current
Brian Francis
Class of 99; Bentley
Kevin Francis
Class of 01; Bentley
Bob Heyner
Class of 76; Westfield State
Craig Hibbard
Class of 76; Northeastern
Jeff Houle
Class of 93; Plattsburgh state
John Hoover
Class of '79; Princton University
Chris Hughes
Class of 93(91, 92 @ AB); University of Connecticuit
Kevin Kapstad
Class of 02 (00,01 @ AB); UNH
John Lucas
Class of 02; Penn State
Tim Lucas
Class of 94; Marquette University
Chris Laighton
Class of 89; MA Division II State Scoring Champion; UMass Dartmough
Joe Marashio
Class of ??; Assumption
Mark Marashio
Class of ??; University of Connecticuit
Kenny Moore
Class of 75; Clarkson College
Garry McAvoy
Class of '81; West Point
Chris Pappas
Class of '82; Williams College
Dick Quinn
Class of '81; Bently
Mike Robinson
Class of 81 (2 Years AB); Juniors, RPI
Billie Robinson
Class of 80; Quebec Nordiques Draft Pick
T.J Scammon
Class of 78 (2 years AB); Univ of New England;
Rocco Scobo
Class of '81; West Point
Brett Smith
Class of '79; St. Anselms;
Tom Stover
Class of 90; Stonehill College
Mike Sweeney
Class of '79; McGill University
Greg Tallone
Class of 86; Suffolk University; Played in Europe
Jeff Vaughn
Class of 93; Northeastern University
Chris Walsh
Class of 94; Notre Dame
Steve Ward
Class of 78; North Adams State